VerdeNero is a technical and consulting service firm specializing in technology, feasibility and economic assessment of process technology in the area of
  • Biofuels
  • Biomass
  • Waste to Energy
  • Waste Minimization and Reuse
  • Novel Energy Systems
  • Carbon and Energy Intensity of Processes and Systems

 The name VerdeNero comes from verde and nero, respectively green and black in  Italian and simbolizes our mission to provide "green" - renewable, sustainable -ideas for "black" - unsustainable, polluting - problems and resources 

 Our name also also represents some core technical beliefs:

  • Green solutions - renewable energy, biofuels -  need for the foreseeable future to cohexist with black resources  such as fossil fuels and existing energy solutions
  • Green solutions need to exploit and seamlessy integrate with the existing and expansive energy and  industrial infrastructure built on top of our black resources  such as oil and coal
  • Lastly, green needs to deliver black to the balance sheet.

VerdeNero prides  itself in providing its customer realistic technology assessments and analysis rooted in the technological and economics possibility of the  present and projected to the opportunities afforded by the development of the future.  

We help customers removing the cloud of hype that surrounds this sector and work with them to identify clear pathways to commercialization.

We provide clear, analytical and objective evaluation of technology and technology solutions, based on realistic assessment of economical, regulatory and enviromental constraints and objectives. 

We also help our customers in identifying system integration opportunities with other technologies and/or in other markets to deliver solutions that are "bigger than the sum of the parts".

We help defining realistic R&D program to bring new solutions to market.
Our customers are both developers aiming to bring new technologies to market and develop new businesses or possible end-users evaluating new technologies and processes to solve specific problems. 

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